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Attendance Matters

For all students to fully benefit from learning experiences at school, we need students to attend school on time every day. Although we recognize that illness and emergency may cause a student to be absent periodically, we hope these situations are limited. Absences and tardies negatively affect the students' academic progress. If families face specific attendance challenges, our staff is available to partner with families to find appropriate supports. The key is to be in close communication and partner with the school to support our students' success.
Why is Attendance Important?
Having good attendance is important at any age, from pre-kindergarten to high school. Too many absences can make learning hard and cause students to fall behind. Chronic absence - missing 10 percent of the school year, or just 2-3 days every month - can lead to lower grades and test scores. It is also related to lower reading and math skills, and high school graduation rates.