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Mission and Instructional Core Values

School Mission
The mission of Bronx Envision Academy is to empower students to be passionate about and well-prepared for their futures, enabling them to be successful in college and their careers.

Bronx Envision will support student success through a challenging arts-rich curriculum and intensive internship experiences in collaboration with vibrant community arts organizations. At Bronx Envision, imagination is the key to success, and the learning process in all academic disciplines will mirror the artistic process of skill-building, in-depth investigation, integration of ideas from disparate sources, and process of critique, feedback and reflection.

Bronx Envision teachers will design courses that link students to the unique and varied arts institutions that make New York City a magnet for creativity and arts professions. As the school grows, Bronx Envision itself will become a public hub for the arts, with student-run gallery exhibitions and performances open to students, their families, and the community.
Instructional Core Values
Project-Based Learning
Process • Product • Creativity • Inquiry
Students learn best when given the opportunity to develop their own ideas and learn from others.  Project-based learning allows students to learn by doing, identifying questions, goals, and processes to explore and share their ideas.  At Bronx Envision, we encourage imaginative and creative thinking and celebrate the unique perspectives each member of our community contributes.

Reflection and Critique 
Discussions • Gallery Exhibitions • Peer Reviews • Portfolio Roundtables
Through discussions, students develop their thinking and learn from others’ points of view.  Bronx Envision students will seek feedback from others and share their ideas with others.  Through critiques, peer reviews, and portfolio roundtables, students will take responsibility for their learning and contributions to the classroom and school community.

Interdisciplinary and Arts • Relevance to Future • Relevance to Self • Relevance to the Real World • Personal Relationships
At Bronx Envision, we strive to make learning meaningful for all students.  By identifying interdisciplinary and arts connections and designing relevant learning experiences, Bronx Envision teachers facilitate student meaning-making.  We endeavor to support each student in developing strong connections within and beyond the Bronx Envision community.