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School Policies


Grading Policy 2019-2020


At Bronx Envision, there are three main marking periods each semester.  The fourth marking period includes final assessments and exams. Students’ final grade for the semester (MP4) will be an average of the three marking period grades with up to 10% of the final semester grade based on final assessments and/or exams. Credits are awarded each semester and in the summer term. A typical student course load is 7.5 credits per semester.

Mastery-Based Grading Pilot

In 2019-2020, Bronx Envision Academy will pilot mastery-based grading in select classes. With mastery-based grading, students must demonstrate mastery of important standards in each class. The policies for these pilot classes will be clearly defined in the syllabus for the course, and students will have multiple opportunities to demonstrate mastery with clear feedback from their teachers.

Available Grades

In each credit-bearing class, students will receive grades (55-100%) based on homework & classwork, and major projects & assessments. Laboratory and non-credit study groups and Regents Prep groups are graded Pass/Fail.

Passing grades are 65-100%. 

Grades 55-64% are failing grades. 

45%=failure, very low attendance.

40% or NS=failure, no attendance. 

NL=no credit, new admit.

NX=incomplete. Available in cases of documented extreme emergency (surgery, death in the family, and similar cases). Grades must be updated before the end of the following semester with a signed grade change form.

Course Grading Guidelines

Grades represent a variety of assessments, including exams, quizzes, projects and exhibitions (such as portfolios, presentations, essays). Such assessments grow in importance in high school, and the grading policy reflects increased emphasis on major assessments in upper grades.

                              9th    10th  11th   12th

Exams, Projects,

Exhibitions & Quizzes 45% 50% 55%  60%

Classwork                40%   35%  25%   20%

Homework                  15%    15% 20%  20%


iLearn Blended Learning Grades

Bronx Envision Academy utilizes an online platform for a limited number of courses. Courses are offered via the Apex iLearn platform. To be eligible for iLearn credit, students must meet seat time requirements (54 hours during the school year or 45 hours in the summer) and earn a passing overall grade for the course content.

Final grades for iLearn courses are based on mastery of content in the course. Grading for iLearn courses does not follow the guidelines for regular courses. The final grade for an iLearn course is not an average of the three marking periods. It is a cumulative grade earned based on scores earned on all material in the course. 

Grade Changes

In instances where grades are inaccurate, teachers must submit signed grade change forms to the guidance office for approval, indicating the incorrect grade, the correct grade, rationale, and documentation. This documentation will remain in the student’s guidance file.

Grade Point Average & Class Rank

Grade Weights (Weighted GPA)

Advanced Placement courses are demanding college-level courses. Advanced Placement courses will be weighted 1.05. This means that a 90 in an AP level course is the equivalent of a 94.5 in a regular course. A weighted 80 would be 84.

Courses included in GPA

To be well prepared for success in college, Bronx Envision Academy students have access to a variety of courses, including the arts and elective courses. All credit-bearing courses are included in a student’s GPA, including physical education and elective credits, reflecting our school’s instructional core values.

Eligibility for Valedictorian and Salutatorian

To be eligible for the honor of valedictorian or salutatorian, students must attend Bronx Envision Academy for at least three years. Weighted average following first semester senior year will be utilized to determine class rank for valedictorian (#1) and salutatorian (#2).

2018-2019 Policy for Cell Phones & Other Electronic Devices



Bronx Envision Academy is committed to providing a safe and supportive educational environment.  The University of Chicago Press notes a study in which “Results from two experiments indicate that even when people are successful at maintaining sustained attention—as when avoiding the temptation to check their phones—the mere presence of these devices reduces available cognitive capacity.” Cell phones and other electronic devices have become major sources of distraction and have been substantially disruptive to the educational process within our school community. In addition, the use of these items both in school and outside of school have led to unhealthy and unproductive conversations and physical altercations.  



To support our students, faculty, staff and families, we revised the electronics policy for beginning in the 2017-2018 school year and continuing for the 2018-2019 school year. Students may bring small electronic devices, including cell phones, to school. Students may not use cell phones or other electronic devices during the school day. To best support our students in complying with this policy, Bronx Envision Academy is partnering with a company called YONDR to provide secure storage pouches for student devices. Students must store all devices in Yondr pouches upon entering the building.


What communication devices are permitted (stored in Yondr pouch) in the building?

Students are are permitted to bring the following communication/electronic devices, provided they fit in the Yondr pouches: cell phones, ipods or music players, smart watches, headphones.  


How will Yondr work with phones and other permitted devices?

Before entering the building, students will turn off their phones and other electronic devices. Before leaving, staff will unlock the Yondr pouch, students will retrieve their devices, and students will return the Yondr pouch. (Note: The example refers to the phone, however, all permitted devices must fit in the Yondr pouch, otherwise they CANNOT be brought to school.)


How will families contact a BEA student?

Parents and guardians noted on the New York City Department of Education Emergency Contact Card will call the main office at (718) 589-1590 to reach their child for emergency purposes. We ask that families not disrupt the instructional day for non-emergency concerns. Please alert guidance staff of any emergencies (such as a death in the family or an accident) so we can effectively support your child. Changes in travel and pickup plans can be communicated directly to your children as they will be able to turn on devices and access messages upon dismissal from school.  Upon request, students are permitted to use the courtesy phone that is located in the main office.


What will happen in the event of an emergency and evacuation to another building?

In the event of an emergency, to ensure the safety of all in the Bronx Envision Academy community, students must follow all directions provided by administrators, faculty, staff, and Building Response Team (BRT) members. If necessary, students will proceed to an evacuation site and the school will contact all families.  In addition, school staff will transport an unlocking device to the evacuation site where students will be able to unlock their devices and make contact with a parent or guardian.


What happens if a student vandalizes or damages a Yondr pouch?

Yondr pouches are school property.  We expect that students will safeguard the pouches as they do their electronic devices within them.  Any vandalism or damage to the Yondr pouch will result in a fee to replace the pouch.

What will happen if a student forgets or willfully withholds electronic devices and is found with the device in his or her possession?

The device will be confiscated and will not be returned directly to the student.  A parent or guardian will need to pick up the device from the dean or other school personnel between the hours of 9am and 2pm.  Additional disciplinary action can and will be taken for repeat offenders.