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Grading Policy 2020-2021


At Bronx Envision, there are two marking periods each semester.  The final grade includes final assessments and exams. Students’ final grade for the semester will be cumulative, utilizing a decaying average (where early assignments are weighted less than later assignments) with up to 10% of the final semester grade based on final assessments and/or exams. Credits are awarded each semester and in the summer term. A typical student course load is 7.5 credits per semester.

Outcomes-Based Grading

Bronx Envision Academy is implementing outcomes-based grading for the 2020-2021 school year. These outcomes are aligned to our Instructional Core Values of Project-Based Learning, Connections, and Reflection & Critique.

BEA  School Wide Outcomes

Project-Based Learning


Reflection & Critique


I can support my ideas with evidence


I can persevere in solving problems


I can communicate my unique point of view


I can explain and analyze in writing


I can determine the meaning of unfamiliar words and phrases and focus on what’s most important


I can work collaboratively to achieve goals


I can participate in discussions, expressing my ideas clearly and building on others’ ideas


I can reflect and revise so I can continuously learn


Individual academic departments have established additional outcomes that are essential to the academic discipline.


With outcomes-based grading, students will have multiple opportunities to demonstrate mastery of important skills with clear and frequent feedback from their teachers. Student mastery of the learning outcomes will be determined through a combination of ongoing formative assessments as well as at least one culminating summative assessment per unit. Students will have the opportunity to revise assessments to improve their grade.


Students can track their progress using JumpRope and their grades are based on the following scale:




Not Yet



Approaching Expectations



Meeting Expectations



Exceeding Expectations 


There are two marking periods in each semester and a student’s final grade will be based on their progress made throughout the semester.



iLearn Blended Learning Grades

Bronx Envision Academy utilizes an online platform for a limited number of courses. Courses are offered via the Apex and Edmentum on the iLearn platform. To be eligible for iLearn credit, students must earn a passing overall grade for the course content.

Final grades for iLearn courses are based on mastery of content in the course. Grading for iLearn courses does not follow the guidelines for regular courses. The final grade for an iLearn course is not an average of the three marking periods. It is a cumulative grade earned based on scores earned on all material in the course. 

Grade Changes

In instances where grades are inaccurate, teachers must submit signed grade change forms to the guidance office for approval, indicating the incorrect grade, the correct grade, rationale, and documentation. This documentation will remain in the student’s guidance file.

Grade Point Average & Class Rank

Grade Weights (Weighted GPA)

Advanced Placement courses are demanding college-level courses. Advanced Placement courses will be weighted 1.05. This means that a 90 in an AP level course is the equivalent of a 94.5 in a regular course. A weighted 80 would be 84.

Courses included in GPA

To be well prepared for success in college, Bronx Envision Academy students have access to a variety of courses, including the arts and elective courses. All credit-bearing courses are included in a student’s GPA, including physical education and elective credits, reflecting our school’s instructional core values.

Eligibility for Valedictorian and Salutatorian

To be eligible for the honor of valedictorian or salutatorian, students must attend Bronx Envision Academy for at least three years. Weighted average following first semester senior year will be utilized to determine class rank for valedictorian (#1) and salutatorian (#2). Due to COVID-19 remote learning, grades earned in the spring semester of the 2019-2020 school year are not utilized when determining the weighted average for valedictorian/salutatorian eligibility.




Habits of Work and Learning (HOWLs):

While academic outcomes make up 90% of students' grades, Habits of Work and Learning (HOWLs) account for 90% of students' grades. At Bronx Envision Academy, we believe that successful students are prepared, engaged citizens who persevere.


Preparedness: Punctuality, organization, assignment completion

Engagement: Participation, collaboration, responsiveness to teacher outreach

Perseverance: Revises as needed to achieve mastery, uses teacher feedback to improve work

Citizenship:  Respect for others, contribution to the success of the group




Not Yet Criterion

Approaching Criterion

Meeting Criterion

Exceeding Criterion


-Late for most classes.

- Meets deadlines on less than 50% of assignments.

- On time or close to time for most classes.

- Inconsistently meets deadlines

50 >

< 90%

-On or close to time for all classes.

- Almost always meets deadlines (90% of assignments are on time)

-On time for all classes.

- Always meets deadlines


- Rarely participates in class even when prompted to do so.

-Rarely responds to teacher outreach.

-Sometimes actively participates in class when prompted to do so.

- Needs prompting to respond to teacher outreach.

-Actively participates in class when prompted to do so.

- Always responds to teacher outreach in class but may not be prompt.

-Actively participates in class verbally, in the chat, or in the learning platform.

- Always responds promptly to teacher outreach in class.


-Few assignments show clear evidence of using teacher feedback to improve work.

- Rarely revises assignments.

- Some assignments show clear evidence of using teacher feedback to improve work.

- Revises assignments but may stop short of achieving mastery.

- Most assignments show clear evidence of using teacher feedback to improve work.

- Revises assignments to achieve or come close to achieving mastery.


- Assignments show clear evidence of using teacher feedback to improve work.

- Revises assignments to achieve mastery.



- Rarely demonstrates respect for peers and staff.

- Rarely collaborates effectively with peers and demonstrates leadership.

- Sometimes demonstrates respect for peers and staff.

-Sometimes collaborates effectively with peers and infrequently demonstrates leadership.

- Usually demonstrates respect for peers and staff.

- Usually collaborates effectively with peers and sometimes demonstrates leadership.

- Always demonstrates respect for peers and staff.

- Always collaborates effectively with peers and frequently demonstrates leadership.