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Partner Organizations

(ISA) Institute for Student Achievement uses a proven, research-based educational framework to transform underperforming public high schools into rigorous and supportive learning environments that prepare students to be college-ready. ISA schools, often located in areas where graduation rates have been as low as 35%, have been able to increase their graduation rates - some to 90% with nearly 90% of those graduates continuing on to college.
ISA achieves these results through the implementation of a research-based model, implemented in partnership with schools and school districts.
  • The ISA model provides extensive, customized professional development and more on-the-ground support for districts, principals and teachers than other whole school reform intermediaries provide.

  • The ISA model delivers sustainable outcomes and is scalable-as evidenced by its growth to 80 effective small public high schools in just 9 years. ISA schools focus on accountability - as does the organization that the entire school community is responsible for the ultimate success of the students. The return on investment is significant.

  • The financial benefits to each graduate (in increased earnings) and to society (in the consequent increased tax revenues and reduced social service expenses) far outweigh the incremental cost of an ISA college prep education (approximately $500 per pupil per year).

At ISA, we know that high school is not too late. That even children without adequate supports, who are grade levels below their peers on entering ninth grade, can and will learn, grow, and achieve in the right environment. We know how to provide that environment - with strong leadership;an intellectually challenging curriculum; an emphasis on teacher development; a safe, supportive school; adequate resources; parental involvement.

Community Word Project helps young people in New York City communities through collaborative arts residencies in public schools and libraries. In all of Community Word’s residencies, young people learn how to think critically and creatively, how to work collaboratively, how to problem-solve, and how to communicate their ideas effectively through a sustained experience in both collaborative and individual art making.

Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) is a school curriculum and teaching method that uses art to develop critical thinking, communication and visual literacy skills.

Bronx Envision students will discuss artwork using the VTS method in advisory.

The Children’s Aid Society
Since 1992, The Children’s Aid Society partners with the New York City Department of Education in more than 20 community schools, located in Washington Heights, Harlem, the South Bronx and Staten Island. These Community Schools are based on a “developmental triangle,” which calls for a strong instructional program, expanded learning opportunities through enrichment and services designed to remove barriers to students’ learning and healthy development, so that they can thrive academically and socially. The schools offer a comprehensive, integrated approach to education that extends the hours, services and partnerships of traditional public schools.

This work has won national and international recognition, as well as numerous awards.

College Bound Initiative
CBI is a year-round comprehensive college guidance program that works with students from the 6th – 12th grades to ensure that they have access to and can afford a college education. CBI’s full-time, school-based college counselor (Director of College Counseling, or DCC) works closely with principals and teachers to promote a college-going culture that raises parent and student expectations. DCCs guide students to overcome barriers to college entry through early college awareness activities, application, financial aid and enrollment support. As a result, CBI increases students’ college enrollment rates and helps secure the critical financial aid that makes higher education affordable and achievable. For CBI students, the question is not if but where they will go to college.

The Park Avenue Armory
The Park Avenue Armory is dedicated to supporting unconventional works in the visual and performing arts. Since 2007, the Armory has opened its doors to visionary artists, directors, and impresarios who provided extraordinary experiences in a range of art forms. The Armory's Arts Education initiative partners with Bronx Envision Academy, enabling students to attend major productions of music, theater, dance, and visual art, and participate in pre-a nd post-visit workshops with the Armory's talented corps of teaching artists. This partnership offers in-school residencies, workshops, and end-of-term events in the Armory's historic rooms. In addition, BEA students are eligible to apply for the Armory Youth Corps, a paid and closely-mentored internship program for high school students.

The Foros Group
Foros is a strategic financial and M&A advisory boutique founded by CEO Jean Manas. Bronx Envision Academy is proud to partner with Foros to offer the Foros-BEA Business program, which exposes students to important business concepts. Professionals from Foros lead a semester-long class introducing students to the fundamentals of business, ranging from the financial aspects to competition and industries in the global economy. As the culminating project, students participate in a Business Plan Competition at the end of the semester, presenting their plans to a panel of judges composed of senior business executives.