Fall 2020 Regular Class Schedules Begin!

Welcome and Welcome Back, BEA Students!
Our full regular class schedule begins Wednesday, September 23. This is an A Week. On your individual program, this Wednesday is Day 3.
September Calendar
October Calendar
Here is the bell schedule:
Period Time
1 8:50 - 9:37
2 9:37 - 10:24
3 10:24 - 11:11
4 11:11 - 11:58
5 11:58 - 12:45
6 12:45 - 1:32
7 1:32 - 2:19
Students: If you need help getting your schedule, please check your bronxenvision.org email account (sign in via google). If you're missing your schedule, please contact your advisor.
If you need support from your guidance counselor (schedule change requests), please complete this Guidance Request form.
Ms. Cheyney (11th/12th grade) or Ms. Torres would be happy to help.
You may still have gaps in your schedule for asynchronous learning, Independent Reading and lunch. We will send updated schedules with all gaps filled by Wednesday, 9/30 so you have all the information you need for our first day of in-person learning (October 1).
If you are missing an elective course, you may need to let us know what you would like to study.
Please complete this form if you are missing an elective course:
11th grade
Student schedules generally include:
  • English
  • History 
  • Math
  • Science
  • Physical Education
  • Advisory
  • Health (10th grade only)
  • 2 Elective Courses (Art, Music, Theater, Dance, Spanish, plus a variety of upper level courses and academic support classes)
Parents: If you need to request an electronic device, please complete this device request form. We are currently preparing returned devices to lend to families. We're sorry for the delay. We understand that it is urgent to make sure your child can connect for courses at BEA, and we appreciate your patience.
Families who prefer Fully-Remote (100% at home) learning should complete this form:
Parents, if you need any help, please reach out to our parent coordinator Alex Rodriguez 718-589-1590 x0 or arodriguez@bronxenvision.org.